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Welcome to Project Daybreak

Project Daybreak is a project from the Podcast Factory, and offers publicity for all upcoming talents in Music, Dance, Film, Theater, Variety and Stand-Up Comedy. We work hard to give you a view in new uprising talents, either through audio, video and written articles. We go undercover to different parties, and try to discover, the next best talent! 



Music: Smashing Satellites, Canada (ENG)

Smashing Satellites They've just launched their debut EP "SonicAluzion (A-side)", and Project Daybreak had the chance to interview them, about their launch into the music business, after they successfully released their debut single "Hounds", with an amazing videoclip!




Music: Endlesshade, Ukraine (ENG)

Endlesshade Project Daybreak came across Endlesshade, a Blackened Doom/Death Metal band from Kiev, Ukraine. They are ready to take over the world, are you?      




Music: Evergrey, Sweden (ENG)

Evergrey Project Daybreak was invited by Rock Inc, to discover Evergrey, launching their new album, "Hymns For The Broken", in the sacred Rock Temple.



Music: Elen Levon, Australia (ENG)

Elen Levon Project Daybreak had the chance to interview this upcoming talent, from Sydney Australia. After an amazing tour in Italy, she's ready to rule the globe, with her newest single, "Kingdom". 




Music: Quintino, The Netherlands (NL)

Quintino Last year, Project Daybreak got to know Quinten, during the interview, backstage at the 2nd mainstage. This year, he's headliner on the Mainstage. What has happened during the past year?