Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Danko Jones Hardrock Band Toronto

Danko Jones is a hardrock band from Toronto Canada and has released 9 albums so far. They've announced a new tour in 2017 in Europe. 


" I have a podcast and I write columns. I’m bad at both, some may use the term “hack”, but I still like to do both "


Do you still remember the very first record (vinyl, cassette, cd, ... ) you ever bought? 

My Mom bought me Kiss Alive on vinyl when I was six after I begged her for weeks to buy me a Kiss record. Does that count? I can’t really remember the first cassette I bought with my own money. I think it might’ve been Van Halen but I could be wrong. I think the first CD I bought was Sleep’s Jerusalem. I got my first CD player in 2001.

You recently launched your seventh album "Fire music". How do the fans receive the newest album? 

So far, from what I’ve read and heard, it’s been very positively received. We’re not used to that. Most critics don’t like the record and even people who buy our albums are always split on whether they like the record or not but they all seem to like this one.

Perhaps a question for the ladies, but ... do you "kiss on the first date" ?


Name something you're bad at, but love to do.

I have a podcast and I write columns. I’m bad at both, some may use the term “hack”, but I still like to do both.

You also host a podcast yourself, tell us a bit about it? 

I’ve been doing a podcast since May of 2011. Back then, podcasting was relegated to mostly comedians and comedy podcasts. Now there are ample amounts of musicians doing podcasts. It’s a medium that’s taken off. I recently uploaded the 100th episode which I’m very proud to have reached after 4 years. A lot of people get very excited to do a podcast but after maybe a dozen episodes they abandon the idea. I love doing podcasts and there will be a thousand more. You can stream or download and subscribe to it for free on iTunes and Soundcloud.

If you could go back in time and meet yourself. What would you say?

Keep buying records and keep playing guitar because shit is gonna get crazy.

Name a song that needs to be played LOUD.

There are a few that come to mind - AC/DC’s Highway To Hell, Black Sabbath’s Symptom Of The Universe and Dio’s Stand Up And Shout.

If you could bring one person (artist) back to life, who would it be?

In terms of music? It would have to be either Cliff Burton or Phil Lynott but I’d like both please.

What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?

It’s not too strange because a lot of people eat it but I find the idea of eating eel disgusting and I tried it and I did not like it.

If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be?

The Flash or Iron Man.

You will be playing at Graspop here in Belgium, what are your expectations?

I can’t wait to play Graspop. It’s a festival I’ve wanted to play for a long time, very esteemed. And this year the line-up is superb as usual.

What else can we expect? 

We will be on tour for pretty much the whole year so more touring and more touring.

Name the top 3 of your bucketlist (10 things to do before I die). 

It would be nice to get a platinum record, win a Grammy and play with Kiss.



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