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Film: Justin Calen Chenn, Los Angeles, USA (ENG)

Justin Calen Chenn Project Daybreak is all about sharing passion. A lot of ambitious people in the world, just looking to share their passion with all of you. Justin Calen Chenn is one of them. He transforms his ambition into video, for us to enjoy. And we just all love to go to the cinemas, don't we?



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Music: Transcendency, Kansas, USA (ENG)

Transcendency As you know, Project Daybreak is active on different social media, to find those upcoming talents, from all over the world. And from time to time ... they find us. Meet Transcendency, a Progressive metal band from Wichita, Kansas!



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Music: Pilod, Belgium (NL - FR)


Project-Daybreak presents an Indie Alternative Rock band from Leuven in Belgium, this band is composed by: Valerie Stoens (drums/backing vocals), Frédéric Baervoets (vocals/guitar) and Christophe Vandewoude (bass guitar/backing vocals) who is also member of Isbells. You can check out their Facebook page to get a complete description with their own words but let's say that both interviews (indeed Frédéric was able to perform the interview in 2 languages: French and Dutch) will let you find out more! How the band was created? How they compose? When each member of the band started to play instrument/music? and more.... We will finish also by our classical FAQ: What was the first album payed with their own money!
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Music: Lauren Turton, San Diego, USA (ENG)

Lauren Turton
copyright: TheHareByLaurenTurton.com
Project Daybreak got into contact with this amazing business woman: She's a singer, a model, a creative director, a photographer and a property manager of a creative artist space in downtown San Diego. One word: "Multitasking" taken to a whole new level!



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Music: Nicol Concilio, New York, USA (ENG)

Djs From Mars Project Daybreak has 2 fanatics on Instagram, looking for the next best thing, and I think we found it! Meet Nicol Concilio, an attractive singer songwriter from New York. She's a big hit on Youtube, where fans just can't wait for her, to break through and see her on every television channel!



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