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Music: Anwynn, Belgium (FR)


Inspired by Welsh mythology to choose their name, Anwynn (the Otherworld: "a realm of spirits and deities, an idyllic world where food is abundant and disease doesn't exist"), was born in April 2007 and plays heavy metal. Anwynn has now evolved to become a symphonic death metal band with female vocals and male growls. Learn more by listening this podcast, we are sure that you will like this Belgium band!
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Music: Mental Advisory, Florida, USA (ENG)

Mental Advisory Project Daybreak 's quest continues. We met Mental Advisory from Pensacola, through Twitter, a much used Social Media standard, when it comes to reaching out to your fans. 

Let's get to know them, just a little better. 



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Music: Frau Blücher and the drünken horses, Belgium (FR)

Frau Blücher and the drünken horses

The band's name is taken from a character in Mel Brooks' movie "Young Frankenstein", a woman who has a strange relationship with horses. Created in 2011 in Brussel by experienced musicians from various bands active on the Belgian scene, this band proposes us a great Punk Rock music! Do not expect to hear political messages, just some life's topics and several settling of accounts. You can read their own Facebook description, but please take the time to learn more listening Veronica Märtinez (Lead Vocals), Mathias Sälas (Guitars & Vocals), Yves Vränckx (Bass) and Jeän Meert (Drums) on our mic.
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Film: Justin Calen Chenn, Los Angeles, USA (ENG)

Justin Calen Chenn Project Daybreak is all about sharing passion. A lot of ambitious people in the world, just looking to share their passion with all of you. Justin Calen Chenn is one of them. He transforms his ambition into video, for us to enjoy. And we just all love to go to the cinemas, don't we?



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Music: Transcendency, Kansas, USA (ENG)

Transcendency As you know, Project Daybreak is active on different social media, to find those upcoming talents, from all over the world. And from time to time ... they find us. Meet Transcendency, a Progressive metal band from Wichita, Kansas!



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